The department of “Odonto-Stomatology”, which was opened in 1922 at the Faculty of Medicine of present TSMU, served as the background for establishment of the Faculty of Stomatology later on, the latter used the cathedra as some base. Faculty of Stomatology itself was created as the department together with the Faculty of Curative – Preventive Medicine in 1930. Department of Stomatology was closed up in 1932, releasing two currents of graduates (years 1932 and 1933). In the academic years of 1931-32 and 1932-33, the special courses for training dental physicians into doctor-stomatologists were open at TSMU. The separate Institute of Stomatology was opened in 1935. After one year, in September of 1936, this institute joined to State Medical Institute again. In 1937, the Faculty developed into separate institute again and existed independently until 1948. In 1948, it joined to the present TSMU as the faculty again.   
The department of Therapeutic Stomatology was established in 1930, at the base of its precursor “Docenture of Stomato-Odontology”, which, itself, was established in 1922. From 1922 to 1930 Docenture of Stomato-Odnotology engaged the staff of professors: Alexandre Machavariani, Grigol Mukhadze, Alexandre Ediberidze; Assistants – Varlam Chichinadze; Ordinators – Mariam Baratashvili, Alexandre Didebulidze.   
 Heads of the Cathedra were (with chronologic sequence):
 1930-43 – Professor Alexandre Ediberidze;
 1935-60 – Professor Apolon Urushadze;
 1960-71 – Professor Ana Menabde;
 1970-83 – Professor Tamar Chkhatarashvili;
 1983-93 – Docent Ketevan Manjgaladze;
 1994-2009 – Professor Manana Iverieli;  
 From 2009, the Cathedra of Therapeutic Stomatology was divided into 2 departments:
 1.      Department of Odontology – Head of the department, Full Professor Marina Mamaladze;
 2.      Department of Periodontics and Oral Mucosa Disorders – Head of the department, Full Professor Manana Iverieli.  
In 1932-1933 the Faculty of Stomatology of Tbilisi State Medical University released the first cadres of stomatologists, which made up the dental network of the republic. Some of them were trained for educational and scientific work.   
The Department of Surgical Stomatology of Tbilisi Stomatology Institute was headed by Professor A. Ediberidze. The Institute of Stomatology joined to Tbilisi State Medical Institute as the faculty afterwards. From then on the Cathedra of Surgical Stomatology was headed by: Docent A. Zumbulidze, Prof. M. Grigalashvili, Prof. A. Bregadze and Prof. Z. Gvenetadze at present.
From 2006 the Department of Surgical Stomatology was named as the Department of Surgical Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery, which now encompasses 2 directions: 1) Oral Surgery and 2) Maxillofacial Surgery.  
Operational management of all surgical disorders affecting oral cavity and maxillofacial region are carried out at the clinical bases of the Department of Surgical Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery. The special course in implantology is given for 5th year students of the Faculty at the mentioned department.    
One of the essential phases in the history of Georgian stomatology referred to opening of the first high school in Odontology with 4 years study course in 1928, which joined to Tbilisi State Medical Institute in 1930 as the Department of Odontology. Together with other directions, the Cathedra of Prosthesis Stomatology was created the same year, headed by Professor Otto Heine, who was substituted by Professor Isidore Gagua in 1931. The latter managed the cathedra until 1973. In the period of 1973 – 1999, the cathedra was headed by Professor Avtandil Sakvarelidze.   
Department of Therapeutic and Preventive Stomatology of Child Age was established in 1979 as a course. In 1991, the course was rendered in the cathedra. From 1979 to 2006, the cathedra encompassed 3 directions: Pediatric Surgical Stomatology (Maxillofacial Surgery) and Orthodontia. Since 2006 the cathedra was named as the Department of Child and Adult Preventive and Therapeutic Stomatology. The latter unites 2 directions by now: Therapeutic Stomatology and Surgical Stomatology.   
From 1979 to 1992, the course and the department afterwards was headed by Professor Mariam Grigalashvili. Since 1993 and till now, the cathedra and later the department has been headed by Professor Zurab Vadachkoria MD.   
The Department of Orthodontia was created in 2006. The latter was involved at the department of Therapeutic and Preventive Stomatology of Child Age, as the direction since 1979.   
The department of Oral Cavity, Head and Neck Malignant Neoplasms of Tbilisi State Medical University was established in 2007. The department was especially designed for students of Faculty of Stomatology for education in malignant processes and management of maxillofacial area.  
The department is managed by the Head of the Department of Head and Neck Neoplasms at the National Center of Oncology, Full Professor Konstantine Mardaleishvili. In the aim of introducing European treatment standards in Georgia, Mr. Mardaleishvili founded the Georgian – German specialized Clinic of Oncology together with German colleagues in 1995, which now serves as a base for this department.