Dean's message

samson_mgebrishvili.jpgThe Faculty of Stomatology at Tbilisi State Medical University is one of the most popular and leading among all faculties of the University. Concern to our field is especially high among youths. The faculty has all provisions for rearing the new generations. Our primary aim is to make the graduate of the Faculty of Stomatology at TSMU a citizen of credit and competitive specialist, armed with profound theoretical background and perfectly skilled in all practical branches of stomatology, which will be a provision for future success in their medical activity. 
Education process at the Faculty of Stomatology is carried out according to the latest orders by Ministry of Education and Science, in compliance with the principles on integration into entire European Education Area.
Faculty of Stomatology refers to a faculty of traditions; the years-based experience have shown clinical bases to play a decisive role in the education of future generations of stomatologists. The management of the University provides all backgrounds for students, with regard to potent and equipped clinical bases corresponding to modern standards.  
The Faculty of Stomatology has 3 clinical bases staffed with highly qualified specialists, these are:
 1.      A. Urushadze Central Dental Clinic of TSMU;
 2.      N1 Dental Clinic of TSMU;
 3.      N2 Pediatric Dental Clinic of TSMU.
Besides the above mentioned, the Center of Clinical Skills is performing at A. Urushadze Central Dental Clinic of TSMU, where the initial year students have chance to get trained in practical skills on artificial models, including all kinds of clinical manipulations and interventions.  
Practical studies with initial year students involve the phantom course, and with upper level students they imply the patient demonstration and maximal involvement of the student in diagnostics and treatment procedures.
7 educative departments serve to rearing of new generations at our faculty, which are:
1.      Department of Child and Adult Therapeutic and Preventive Stomatology;
2.      Department of Odontology;
3.      Department of Periodontics and Oral Mucosa Disorders;
4.      Department of Orthodontia;
5.      Department of Orthopedic Stomatology and Maxillo-facial Orthopedics;
6.      Department of Surgical Stomatology and Maxillo-facial Surgery;
7.      Department of Oral, Head and Neck Oncologic Disorders.
The Faculty of Stomatology has reared the countless number of decent generations. 553 students are receiving the high-level education at the faculty at present.
We annually admit the new currents of residents and doctorates.We deeply appreciate and consider the sincere desire of future specialists to get the perfect knowledge in modern stomatology achievements and give people back the healthy smile through qualified treatment.  
Our goal is to be aware of every concern of the single student and their maximal support in that regard. We will gladly accept all practical advises and proposals.
Dear friends and colleagues, your participation in the faculty activities pertains to our mutual job and is a provision for future development and advancements in the field. 
Deciding on studying at us will quickly make you sure in the rightness of your choice. We all strive for one aim and hope we’ll manage to decide the actual problems of modern stomatology together.  
Sincerely yours,
The Dean of the Faculty of Stomatology,
Professor Samson Mghebrishvili.